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Michael Marks(non-registered)
As I wrote to you privately: You have an eclectic eye. You don't pigeonhole your self with one subject matter. I especially love your scenic photos as they are serene and relax me. Don't ever stop shooting and sharing.
Miriam Slipowitz(non-registered)
Thank you, Arlene, for letting me share your world of imagination. You have inspired me, a latecomer to photography.
Michel Tcherevkoff(non-registered)
What a delightful it is to visual wonder among your scenery and to imagine the scent of your flowers....beautiful photography...thank you.
Jim Redmond(non-registered)
Hey Arlene,

"As I Imagine It" is superb. You continue to put such a special touch on your photography and your music helps to emphasize nature in all of its glory. Each of your images has a way to speak to the viewer in an almost hypnotic way. Congratulations on this lovely web site. The people in Pelican Cove and in Philadelphia are very fortunate to have you with them.
I met you at Postal Factory and looked up your site. Your photos are so beautiful! I love every single one.
Susan Patterson(non-registered)
Arlene , We love all of your photos,, but especially the heron...great.color and detail!
Carol Martinez(non-registered)
Arlene, I've found my way to your website through the PC Photography Club. Your images are very beautiful and evocative. I look forward to meeting you at PC and to seeing more of your work.
Sylvia Femburg(non-registered)
I think your photographs are absolutely exquisite. They are original and powerful in color and design.
Marc Glass(non-registered)
Ar - Wow - I get lost in your photos. Exquisite detail and depth. Makes me feel I'm in some kind of wonderland... like I'm inside them.. like its 1969... Oh the colors!
Michael Cook(non-registered)
Bubs: Your website is amazing! Love all your photographs.
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