I have always been drawn to the visual arts, specifically photography. Add to that the sensuous, addictive sound of a camera shutter clicking and it seemed natural that I would begin a journey leading to a career in photojournalism. Armed with a Rolleiflex borrowed from my father, I wandered the streets of Philadelphia with purpose, documenting life around me, finding complex faces much too fascinating to ignore and amassing stories in my lens for the telling.

Eventually, life took me in a different direction, and an exciting and long career in Floral and Event Design followed.

Now, through the surge of the digital age, I have returned to my roots in photography. The freedom of newly developed camera and computer technology has offered me the perfect stimulation which I find much too tempting to resist. My lifelong passion to capture and suspend moments in time continues, with an added inspiration to style them AS I IMAGINE IT. - Arlene Bluestein


My short film, "IMAGINING; FANTASIES OF NATURE", combined with "PAINTED FANTASIES", can be found on YouTube link:  https://youtu.be/Fw9Dtze4bSc